SAVE THE DATES – 14 & 15 JUNE 2018

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Make a note of these dates in your diary, as Eurobitume and EAPA will stage the first-ever E&E Event, entitled ‘Preparing the asphalt industry for the future’, on 14 to 15 June 2018, at the Andels Hotel in Berlin.

E&E Event 2018 is an exciting new platform offering the opportunity for extensive interaction across a wide scope of industry stakeholders, to better understand how we can be best prepared as an industry for the expectations in the longer term.

Created in response to feedback received from key industry stakeholders and supporters of the Eurasphalt and Eurobitume Congress, the E&E Event will provide a platform to continue the momentum initiated every four years at the E&E congresses.

The main objective of this unique event will be to focus on the preparations needed by the asphalt industry to ensure it is fit for future purpose, by exploring important strategic issues - some of which were highlighted in the E&E Congress 2016:

  1. Visions on the future of the asphalt industry
  2. Economic aspects
  3. Communication, education and training – becoming an attractive industry
  4. Future Environmental aspects, including future Health & Safety items
  5. New technologies, including equipment and information technology

The detailed content of each of these five sessions will be influenced by the views we receive from a survey which will be sent to a wide selection of potential participants.

The format will be based on creating effective interaction between participants, to lead to a better common understanding about how to improve the future for the industry overall.

To reach this goal there will be increased participation through various direct interactions during the event, combined with more traditional presentations. The aim is to maximise the benefits of joined-up thinking when faced with future industry challenges!

The E&E Event 2018 will bring together and encourage important interaction between senior managers and experts from road related industries, governments, local authorities, contractors, engineers, user groups and product suppliers.

Key benefits offered by the E&E event:

  • Optimises the achievements from the E&E congresses
  • Benchmarks the same high standard of organisation and delegate deliverables
  • Offers a unique platform within bitumen & asphalt industry to discuss high-level issues
  • Continues and strengthens the networking and exchanges that already exist
  • Creates an environment to stimulate industry interaction through professionally facilitated discussions, workshops and exchanges
  • Generate knowledge and directions that can be used in all your future planning

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and save the date!
Together we can interact to make a difference!

There will be no call for papers.