Voice of European bitumen industry strengthens

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Four more organisations join Eurobitume/Membership numbers double in two years

The European bitumen industry has never had a stronger voice after four more organisations became part of the European Bitumen Association at Eurobitume’s Autumn Meeting in Lisbon.

The latest four organisations to join Eurobitume, all as Associate Members, are:

Eurobitume Director General Aimé Xhonneux said: “I am delighted to welcome ASESA, Asfalt Kennis Centrum, GEOS Laboratories and Ooms Producten as Associate Members of Eurobitume. With these additions our membership numbers have doubled in just two years, demonstrating the value that organisations see in being part of Eurobitume as we continue our work to create a positive environment for sustained bitumen demand.”

As well as developing and communicating industry positions on important technical, HSE and regulatory issues, Eurobitume promotes the efficient, effective and safe use of refined bitumen. The association also works with government and regulatory bodies to develop and maintain testing procedures and safety standards, to ensure the highest possible quality standards in all bitumen-related operational activities.

José Luis Prieto Menéndez, Director General of ASESA, summarised why his organisation wanted to join Eurobitume: “The reason ASESA joined Eurobitume was to participate in the technical and HSE decisions and positions of the bitumen industry, through the association that represents this industry in Europe.”

Paul Landa, Managing Director of Asfalt Kennis Centrum, commented: “Being part of Eurobitume gives Asfalt Kennis Centrum full access to a wealth of valuable expert advice, technical information, industry data and safety guidance, and enables us to play an active role in the development of the bitumen industry in Europe. We also want to contribute in the transition to a ‘greener’ application of bitumen, and will introduce bio-based additives in the Hot Mix Asphalt industry.”

Jan Soers, CEO of GEOS Laboratories, explained, “Being a member of Eurobitume is of critical importance to GEOS Laboratories. It enables us, an independent laboratory, to stay at the forefront of developments in testing by feeling the pulse in the industry and recognizing its future needs. Actively participating with our know-how in this network of professionals is a meaningful and constructive way of deepening and nurturing our contacts.”

Arian de Bondt, Director Ooms Producten, added: “As a PMB-producer, we want to secure the future of the bitumen industry through the application of high-quality asphalt products via a scientific approach, with advanced production and (laboratory) characterization techniques. We are convinced that we can do this more efficiently being part of Eurobitume.”