Press Releases

Brussels, 1st September 2012 – Aimé Xhonneux has taken up the position of Director General at Eurobitume, the European Association of Bitumen Producers -

Seconded from TOTAL’s headquarters in France, Aimé’s previous role was Director Specialities (Bitumen, Marine, Aviation, LPG and Special Fluids) for TOTAL Germany. Aimé is now based at Eurobitume’s Brussels office and took over from previous Director General, Philippe Dewez.

As the European bitumen industry continues to evolve, Aimé is set to play a key role in increasing the communication to those working with bitumen - with a strong message that the industry is moving forward with confidence.

“Bitumen has a wide range of applications and is a critical material in the construction and maintenance of roads. A key mission for me is to promote the efficient, effective and safe use of bitumen binders in road, industrial and building applications, and to create - by a focused  communication - a better understanding of the sustainability and operational performance benefits of working with bitumen”, explained Eurobitume Director General Aimé Xhonneux.

Aimé added: “Everything that we do sits within a context of energy savings, reducing temperatures and continuing to drive ever higher best practice regarding health and safety”.

Aimé began his working life at TOTAL in Belgium, where he held a variety of roles before moving to TOTAL Germany and then on to TOTAL France. In 2006 he returned to TOTAL Germany and also chaired the advisory board of the Tyczka Totalgaz joint venture between TOTAL Deutschland and Tyczka Energie - which commercializes LPG in bulk and cylinders in Germany.


Press Releases

  • Brussels, March 2014 – Carl Robertus from BP was elected President of Eurobitume, the European Bitumen Association, at the association’s AGM on 19 March in Brussels. At the same meeting, Nynas’ Siobhan McKelvey was elected Vice President.

    Previously Eurobitume Vice President, Carl Robertus took over from former President Jim Christie of Nynas, who stepped down at the AGM. New Vice President Siobhan McKelvey replaced Carl Robertus.

  • Brussels, September 2012 – Aimé Xhonneux has taken up the position of Director General at Eurobitume, the European Association of Bitumen Producers -

  • More detail on the IARC Monograph Volume 103 evaluation of occupational exposures to bitumen and bitumen emissions has been published in The Lancet, December 2011 and online by IARC (17 May 2013).

    Updated following May 2013 publication of Monograph 103 - Bitumens and Bitumen Emissions, and Some N- and S-Heterocyclic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

  • REACH - registration of bitumen uses Eurobitume has published a new REACH guidance table. This table translates the current list of bitumen use descriptors, prepared by CONCAWE for the REACH registration process, into the relevant uses and applications commonly understood throughout the industry.