March 2017: Feature Bitumen production

Bitumen comes in many forms

Bitumen is a very versatile material that is produced in many forms and has many different applications - 80–85 % of bitumen produced today is used in paving applications, with the balance in roofing or industrial applications.
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February 2017: Feature Standard

Shaping the future

Eurobitume is the focal point for the bitumen industry in Europe, and one of our key functions is helping shape the future of the industry through the development and evolution of comprehensive international product standards:
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January 2017: Feature HSE

Bitumen: Hot stuff, handle with care!

Our experts have developed a wealth of valuable guidance and advice to help ensure working with bitumen is safe.

December 2016: Feature Roads

Investing in our greatest asset: Roads

An efficient, effective, well-maintained road network is not only crucial economically (to the transportation of people, goods and services), but also extremely important socially (to mobility) and to the environment (CO2 emissions).