Technical Committee Chair
- April 2018 - April 2020
Laurent Michon, ExxonMobil

The Technical Committee and the Task Forces (TFs) that report into it have been very active across a range of issues, developing new and updated technical information and guidance for members, and helping strengthen Eurobitume’s position as the point of reference for technical information relating to bitumen.


Test method Technical Information Sheets
in multiple languages

Through our TF Test Methods, we made our popular suite of Eurobitume Technical Information Sheets (TIS) more easily accessible by making them available in a further three languages (Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).

Drawing upon the experience and expertise of our members, each TIS - which is downloadable from our website - uses clear text and images and contains important advice and information which makes that particular bitumen and bituminous binders test method easier to understand and conduct.


Test methods and TIS website feature article

Technical Information Sheets (TIS) were the focus of an informative Eurobitume website feature article that highlighted the importance of standardised test methods in demonstrating a bitumen sample’s compliance with the appropriate specification. It also describes how Eurobitume’s TIS make various bitumen test methods easier to understand and provide practical advice on their operation.

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TF Specifications

Task Force members were involved in the revision of PMB specification EN 14023: preparing support and input into the discussions of the national mirror committees, and collecting contributions from members for the CEN Enquiry expected in Spring 2020.

New Data Collection project

We also began a new Data Collection project to support a review of the applicability of proposed new PMB specifications, as well as general suitability of updated rheological test conditions for specification purposes. The outcome will be a profound support for any positions on specifications, whether own proposals or towards external input.

Eurobitume Life Cycle Inventory

Another key project, undertaken in conjunction with the HSE Committee, was preparing a comprehensive update of our Bitumen Life Cycle Inventory. This was completed and published in January 2020.

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