A unified Voice for Bitumen

Eurobitume was founded in 1969 to act as a central, unified voice for bitumen producers and marketers across Europe. Many things have changed in the construction and infrastructure industries since then, but the central importance of bitumen as a raw material has not. In fact, with the growing importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness, bitumen has emerged as a valuable raw material for the 21st century and beyond.

We work together with our members and local and national authorities to support the development and implementation of large and small-scale projects across Europe.

Our continuing mission is to promote the efficient, safe use of bitumen in road, industrial and building projects and create a positive environment for a sustained bitumen demand. As part of this mission, we provide information and clarity on technical issues as well as health and safety questions. We also work with government and regulatory bodies to develop and maintain testing procedures and safety standards, in order to ensure the highest possible quality standards in all bitumen-related operational activities.



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