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In order to maintain a focus on our most important projects, Eurobitume members and officials sit on three expert committees.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

The HSE Committee focuses on important research efforts into key aspects of the bitumen industry worldwide, including occupational health, regulatory changes and environmental management. This information is then made available in a suitable form for all stakeholders in the industry, from government agencies to bitumen producers to journalists and interested members of the public. The HSE committee is dedicated to helping to develop a well-defined EU regulatory position for bitumen in all its applications. The HSE Committee also helps to develop and implement sound scientific research into classification and regulations. The committee works with representatives from regulatory bodies, other national and international industry associations, bitumen customers and user organisations in order to achieve common goals.

Technical (TC)

The Technical Committee is made up of experts from member organisations across Europe. Their work includes developing and communicating a single European standard position for the bitumen industry on topics including performance related specifications, specification development, binder selection systems and characterisation tools. Smaller specialist task forces and working groups are formed to address and investigate specific current technical issues confronting the industry.

Public Relations and Communications (PRC)

This committee forms the public face of Eurobitume and is responsible for maintaining lines of communication with all stakeholders in the bitumen industry, from producers to construction companies, from regulatory bodies to citizen groups and members of the public. It is their job to make sure that everyone involved has the information they need to make a well informed decision on all questions related to bitumen and its uses. 



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