Francisco Lucas – Vice-president

Experienced bitumen and asphalt industry professional Francisco Lucas, who is Repsol’s Technical Assistance and Asphalt Business Development Manager, was elected as Vice-President of Eurobitume at the association’s Annual General Meeting in April 2021.

Francisco joined Repsol from Eurovia Spain in 1999 and currently represents the Spanish energy and petrochemical company in a number of industry bodies. These include the Technical Association of Roads of Spain (ATC), where he has been on the Paving and Conservation Technical Committees since 2007; the Technical Association of Bituminous Emulsions of Spain (ATEB), where he has twice served as President; the Road Technology Platform of Spain (PTC), where is a member of the Management Board and Vice-President; and the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR), where he is on the committee for asphalt products.

He is also a member of the Technical Commission of the Association of Asphalt Mix Manufacturers of Spain (ASEFMA); the International Pavement Committee; the International Federation of Bituminous Emulsions (IBEF); and the European standardization committees for bituminous products, as an expert in CEN.

Since 2017, Francisco has been a member of the Eurobitume Board of Directors and a member of the Public Relations and Communications (PRC) Committee.

A qualified Civil Engineer with a specialty in Roads from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Francisco co-founded the World Road Day and holds a Masters Degree in Management & Administration and a PDD Management, which he gained from the IES Business School.