Markus Spiegl, Vice-President

Dr. Markus Spiegl has many years of experience in bitumen research and in industry, and has been supporting Eurobitume in various positions since 2008. He began his career at the TU Wien. As the Deputy Head of the Bitumen and Asphalt Laboratory he conducted lab tests there with his team.

Since 2007 Markus has been working for the Austrian oil and gas company OMV Refining & Marketing in Vienna. There he was promoted from Business Development Manager to Department Head and Product Manager Black Products and is thus responsible for the development of “black products” – from bitumen to marine fuel.

While working at OMV Markus Spiegl has been involved with various associations and organizations, such as GESTRATA, the Austrian company for the maintenance of asphalt roads, and the Austrian member of the European Committee for Standardization. At Eurobitume Markus Spiegl started out as a member of the Technical and HSE Committee and from 2010 represented OMV at the general meetings. He has been on the Board of Directors since 2015 and served as Treasurer from 2015 to 2018. In June 2017 he was appointed Chair of the Membership Committee, and was elected Vice President at the Eurobitume Spring Meeting in April 2018.