Eurobitume is a forum for businesses pertaining to the European bitumen industry and promotes scientific and technical exchange of information. Together, we continually improve health and safety guidelines as well as those concerning technical progress and sustainability. Our association’s mission is to educate and promote the efficient, economic, effective, safe and sustainable use of refined bitumen in road, industrial and building applications.

Businesses, organisations and institutions can benefit from Eurobitume’s work by becoming a Core or Associate Member:

  • We settle important questions on technical matters
  • We regularly inform about international industrial policy, health studies, regulatory changes and EU directives
  • We give impulses for research initiatives on the topic of health
  • We offer advice on technical questions
  • Based on your experience, we offer best practice health and safety guidelines
  • We offer guidelines for complying with legal requirements such as REACH and CE marking
  • You will receive our regular publications around bitumen
  • We host regular conferences and events on both a national and international level

Should you have any queries concerning the membership, please do not hesitate to contact us.





We will keep you informed about the latest news.