A ‘new’ Eurobitume for a stronger organisation

Local representatives play an important role in the industry. With economic development and closer ties between European neighbours, the last decade has seen increased cooperation between local representatives and Eurobitume in Brussels. It has enabled the different stakeholders to promote a unified message at local and European level.

From 2016, all activities at all levels have been administered from Brussels, under the Eurobitume banner. An additional category of ‘Associate Member’ opens up Eurobitume to engage with an increased number of stakeholders with a credible interest in the European bitumen industry – such as hauliers, equipment suppliers, testing services organisations and academic institutions.

Our ‘new’ Eurobitume has a framework to integrate and extend its work at a local level through local representations – a concept that has already proved successful with local presences in Benelux, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The local initiatives continue to offer the same support and services, with the same local representatives who know their market best. But with a stronger, centralised administration, we are able to do more for the bitumen industry at all levels of discussion. The industry benefits from a stronger overall organisation, while maintaining vital interfaces with local stakeholders.



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