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The characteristics of bitumen give architects, structural engineers and planners the freedom to redesign the world we live in. Bitumen membranes are water-repellent and flexible, making them ideal for waterproofing roofs and other structural elements. A natural adhesive, they can be applied to any number of substrate materials, and their natural flexibility helps to prevent rips and tears even with significant structural movement.

Bitumen membranes retain their adhesion and flexibility for a long time, and so can significantly contribute to a structure's durability and longevity. Bituminous membranes have been used for decades and results show that a service life of 25-30 years can be expected in most applications.


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Bitumen products are everywhere in modern buildings, in roofs and floors, ceilings and walls, both to protect the structural elements and to keep moisture out. Traditionally used to weatherproof low slope roofs, bituminous membranes are finding new uses in the movement towards carbon-neutral buildings. These membranes can be used to support roof gardens or eco-roofing, in both commercial and residential developments.

Civil Engineering

The correct surface is of vital importance in civil engineering projects: from bridges and tunnels to runways and parking aprons at airports. The surface needs to be strong enough to withstand each location’s different daily load and use patterns, as well as temperature differences, weather conditions and the use of aggressive de-icing technology. Bitumen products are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions and provide a safe, durable surface.

Hydraulic Engineering

Asphalt concrete with a void content of ≤ 3% is completely watertight and can be used to seal structures, basins or containers that will be used to contain water or other liquids. Bitumen can be used to waterproof dams, reservoirs, landfill sites and flood protection basins.