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This organic, versatile and recyclable material is never far away in the modern world – even if we don’t see it. Bitumen plays an important role in many everyday applications above and beyond asphalt streets and roofing. Bitumen’s waterproofing and adhesive properties, durability and resistance to heavy loads make it the ideal material for use in all-weather environments. Where strength and weatherproofing are essential requirements, bitumen is a prime contributor to the performance of a vast range of products. Bitumen membranes are also extensively used as sound-deadening panels in the automobile market.

Farms use bituminous paints and disinfectants on a number of different surfaces as well as bitumen waterproofing solutions. Bitumen-based lubricants play a role in many industrial situations, and bitumen is a vital component in a range of products, from preservatives to plastics and sealants.


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Industrial Applications


Modern farms rely on bitumen and products using refined bitumen for a number of vital applications. Bitumen paving provides flooring in barns, barnyards and feed platforms while tanks, vats and other concrete structures can be waterproofed with a bitumen solution.


Bitumen is everywhere – even in places where you wouldn’t expect to find it. It’s in a variety of grease and lubricant products for different applications, from the tracks of earth-moving equipment to traction-motor gearboxes. It’s in corrosion-resistant paints and printing inks.

Sport and Leisure

Bitumen is in the asphalt that paves perfectly smooth cycle paths and rugged, high-grip hiking trails, and much more. It is used to waterproof swimming pools and in numerous applications in event locations, from a huge stadium to a local playground. It’s in the rubberised surface of running tracks and the waterproofing solutions used to treat outdoor clothing. In tennis courts and other sports surfaces.