Future Specifications members-only webinar

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More than 50 people from member companies participated in the latest internal educational webinar, Future Specifications, where they gained valuable insights into what lies ahead for the bitumen industry in terms of performance-based specifications and the important ongoing work of Eurobitume’s Task Force (TF) Specifications.

Eurobitume Technical Lead Dr Ian Lancaster began the webinar by setting the scene with a brief history of harmonised standards development and an overview of Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Ian then explained about the difference between classical format European specifications, where material properties are shown in columns (EN 12591), and framework specifications, where classes are selected (eg EN 14023).

He then explained how the Data Collection projects undertaken by Eurobitume in 2009 and 2021 led to the development of the simple vs complex binders concept, which determined that conventional tests can be used to indicate performance of simple, unmodified binders, whereas complex tests are needed to determine the performance of complex, modified binders.

The final part of the webinar was a detailed discussion of the work of TF Specifications and the positions developed:

  • Focus is on performance in use
  • Critical performance attributes have been identified (eg permanent deformation, cracking, etc)
  • Critical ageing state for each performance attribute
  • Monitoring of standardisation / CPR development
  • Aim is to produce a position paper for E&E Congress in June 2024

As has been the case with previous e-learning webinars, the webinar was recorded and all the materials will be made available to members via the Eurobitume members’ Intranet site.