More Safety Handling guidance documents now available

Europe |

We have expanded the suite of valuable bitumen safe handling guidance documents that can be accessed from the Eurobitume website by adding a further 13, which were developed by Eurobitume’s Safe Handling Sub-Committee - chaired by Shell’s Bruno Piguel.

Eurobitume’s mission is to educate and promote the efficient, economic, effective, safe and sustainable use of refined bitumen in road, industrial and building applications. To do this successfully, the Safe Handling Sub-Committee brings together member companies’ specialist expertise regarding the safe handling of bitumen.

The new documents are available in various languages and cover the ground-based operation of delivery vehicles, avoiding the risk of falling from height; ground-based pump design, operation and troubleshooting; and tank truck design recommendations.

  • Ground-based operation of delivery vehicles – in English, French, German and Dutch (A Spanish version will be available soon)
  • Guidance for the design and operation of ground-based pumps – English
  • Tank truck design recommendations – in Dutch, English, French and German (A Spanish version will be available soon)

Separate guidance has also been developed to help drivers and operators take appropriate protective actions to avoid risks linked to pressure discharge when a delivery site is not equipped with a ground-based pump, or when this equipment is out of order. The Safe Handling Sub-Committee adapted existing Eurobitume France documentation and created a European version.

Additionally, because there is a risk of boil over when loading activity first commences in new bitumen storage facilities or resumes into a storage tank that had been temporarily mothballed because of the COVID crisis (any residual water from infiltration or condensation inside the tank turns could turn into steam if it came into contact with hot bitumen), the Safe Handling Sub-Committee adapted existing Eurobitume UK documentation and created a European master version.

  • Guidance for bitumen deliveries into new storage tanks and storage tanks being returned to service – English