Eurobitume Director General interviewed in latest edition of Bitume Info

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The March 2019 issue of Eurobitume France’s French-language magazine, Bitume Info, has just been published and is available here.

Of interest to anyone involved with the bitumen industry, Bitume Info No. 35 includes a broad mix of articles on key topics including:

  • An editorial by the Director of Eurobitume France, Jean-Michel Michou, who celebrates the first anniversary of the new Bitume Info magazine
  • Three questions to Siobhan McKelvey, Director General of Eurobitume, who spoke about recent activities and future of the association
  • Innovative asphalt solutions which combat climate change and were recently trialled in Paris
  • A new Safe delivery of bitumen guide from Eurobitume
  • Bitumen advantages: sound-absorbing asphalt mixes, an effective solution to reduce road noise and combat noise pollution
  • Eurobitume’s latest Technical Information Sheet on Dynamic Shear Rheometer
  • Interview with a project owner, Ms. Anne-Marie Herbourg, who explains how she can cope with road network maintenance in a tight budgetary context
  • HSE section with Eurobitume’s new bitumen loading compatibility matrix

To view or download a PDF of the latest issue of French-language bitumen industry magazine Bitume Info, click here.