Europe | 16.04.2019

Successful Spring Meeting

More than 100 people from member companies, invited guests and friends of Eurobitume past and present took part in our recent two-day Spring Meeting in Brussels, which began with a ’50 years of Eurobitume and beyond’ seminar.

Featuring interviews with a number of former senior Eurobitume team members - including Presidents, Director Generals, Technical Directors and Committee Chairs – facilitated by the now familiar face of professional moderator Katrina Sichel, the seminar revisited some of the key industry milestones and deliverables since Eurobitume was founded in 1969.

This was followed by a very interesting future-facing panel discussion with representatives from our stakeholders entitled ‘The bitumen industry in 2020 and beyond!’.

Past Presidents of Eurobitume were recognised at the Anniversary Dinner that evening, when the Asphalt Institute’s 100-year anniversary was also marked with the presentation of a commemorative award. The dinner also featured a fun quiz which brought together the people at each table in their own teams.

Annual General Meeting

The second day began with the Annual General Meeting, in which Johanna Andréasson and Simon Pritchard were welcomed as the new Chairs of the PRC (Public Relations and Communications) and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Committees respectively. Karin Hennung, Simon’s predecessor, was thanked for the five years she had spent as HSE Committee Chair.

The Chairs of all four main committees – HSE, PRC, Technical and Membership – also presented reports on the activities of their committees.

Members were informed about a proposal to form a Eurobitume Bitumen Sustainability Steering Group, which was embraced with great interest.

To commemorate our 50 year anniversary and celebrate the close collaboration on topics of common interest between the Asphalt Institute in the United States and Eurobitume, Kat Crownover (AI Chair 2019) and Pete Grass (AI President) presented a special award to Eurobitume which was accepted on behalf of Eurobitume by Christophe Jacquet (President) and Siobhan McKelvey (Director General).

We further strengthened our links with the Asphalt Institute by signing a new Strategic Partnership Agreement with them.

This replaced the 2009 agreement and includes important revisions to reflect the wider range of topics where both organisations can benefit by working together in a Strategic Partnership.

Election of Board members and senior officers

Members elected a new 10-strong Board of Directors and three new Senior Officers as follows:

Board of Directors

  • Frederique Cointe (Exxon Mobil)
  • Paul Fitzroy (Puma)
  • Michael Frenzl (Kraton)
  • Abraham Garcia (Cepsa)
  • Christophe Jacquet (Total)
  • Carsten Meyer (Hoyer)
  • Francisco Lucas Ochoa (Repsol)
  • Carl Robertus (Nynas)
  • Markus Spiegl (OMV)
  • Keith Stone (Shell)

Senior Officers

  • President: Markus Spiegl
  • Vice-President: Frédérique Cointe
  • Treasurer: Keith Stone
Image gallery (click to enlarge)
L-R: Former Eurobitume Director General Aimé Xhonneux, Asphalt Institute Chairman Ralph Shirts, former Eurobitume President Carl Robertus, Asphalt Institute HSE Chair Jim Freeman, former Eurobitume Director General Philippe Dewez and moderator Katrina Sichel
L-R: Former HSE Committee Chair Karin Hennung, Eurobitume Director General Siobhan McKelvey and new HSE Committee Chair Simon Pritchard
L-R: Asphalt Institute President Pete Grass and Asphalt Institute Chair Kat Crownover present an award to commemorate 50 years of Eurobitume to Christophe Jacquet and Siobhan McKelvey
Signing of the Eurobitume-Asphalt Institute Strategic Partnership Agreement: (L-R) Christophe Jacquet, Kat Crownover, Siobhan McKelvey and Pete Grass