Additional funding needed to improve ‘catastrophic’ condition of local roads

Germany |

An independent survey of local roads in three north-German states revealed 23% are in a Bad or Very Bad condition, and need an estimated €3.9 billion of maintenance work to bring them back to a satisfactory state.

Collecting data on the local road network in Germany is extremely difficult, because of the multitude of entities responsible for this type of road throughout the country. However, a recent “Panorama 3” programme broadcast by North-German public radio and TV station NDR shone a powerful spotlight upon the poor condition of 1,950 km of local roads in northern Germany. The programme also revealed that an additional €3.9 billion needs to be invested in maintenance for these roads.

Eurobitume Deutschland has been pushing for increased funding for road maintenance in Germany for a number of years, and this contributed to recent additional funding for federal highways and elevating up the agenda the condition of secondary and minor roads.