Amended version of the Eurobitume LCI report

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An updated version of the LCI report is now available to download here from the Eurobitume website.

This new version contains adjusted data for the release of hydrocarbon to water during the transportation stage of the life cycle, which was erroneously overstated previously. The independent reviewer of the report is satisfied with this amendment.

The LCI database Excel file has been updated and can be requested from the Eurobitume Office Manager, Viviane Dupont.

If you have shared the report or database with colleagues or third parties, please direct them to this page so that they can access this information and obtain the updated version.

The Eurobitume LCI
The LCI incorporates the latest bitumen life cycle inventory data for each of the four main cradle-to-gate life cycle stages of bitumen: Oil extraction, Transport, Refining and Storage.

It adopts an updated refinery methodology to reflect current thinking and is an important tool for calculating the environmental impact of manufacturing end-products that incorporate bitumen.

The 2019 edition of Eurobitume’s LCI report is the subject of our feature article, ‘The bitumen Life Cycle Inventory’. To read the article, please click here.