Bitume Info #40 published

Europe |

The new edition of Eurobitume France’s French-language magazine, Bitume Info, has just been published and is available to download here.

Of interest to anyone involved with the bitumen industry, Bitume Info No. 40 includes a broad mix of topical articles including:

  • Eurobitume France Director Jean-Michel Michou highlights bitumen’s many positive properties, performance and sustainability characteristics - such as its durability, visco-elasticity, the fact it doesn’t generate any CO2 emissions in use, is 100% recyclable and economically available on a large scale.
  • Eurobitume President Francisco Lucas (Repsol) speaks about change and how Eurobitume is preparing to adapt its organisational model in 2024, to better suit a changing business environment and help members meet the many common challenges facing the global bitumen industry.
  • The durability and waterproofing advantages of bitumen, through the emblematic example of the heavily trafficked, 19 years-old Millau Viaduct.
  • Bitumen’s important role in upgrading RN 232 on the Spanish state road network, with recycled asphalt, low temperature emulsion and a carbon footprint-reducing bio-component bitumen within the asphalt mix.
  • A report that provides a better understanding of the barriers to decarbonisation, identifies possible solutions and proposes an approach to move the construction sector forward more quickly in its energy transition.
  • An interview with Claire Baritaud from the innovation agency for transport (AIT.)
  • Eurobitume’s Technical Information Sheet on the RTFOT (Rolling Thin Film Oven Test)
  • Updated Eurobitume bitumen burns cards, which set out the latest medical guidelines for treating bitumen delivery drivers whose skin comes into contact with hot bitumen. This new version can be easily distinguished from the previous one by its red colour.

To view or download a PDF of the latest issue of French-language bitumen industry magazine Bitume Info, click here.