Bitumen and Sustainability

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To highlight bitumen’s significant role within the overall ambitions to reduce the impact of climate change and the increased focus across all industries on creating a sustainable future - a topic that is high on our and our member companies’ agendas - Eurobitume has produced a two-page, ‘Bitumen and Sustainability - at a glance’ introductory fact sheet.

Bitumen is a sustainable construction material offering inherent durability, flexibility and versatility performance properties, which provide proven solutions for meeting sustainability challenges. In its most common application, as an asphalt binder, bitumen is 100% re-usable and so is able to play an important role in relation to circularity - the economic system that tackles global challenges like climate change.

Below the Why and What headings, ‘Bitumen and Sustainability - at a glance’ summarises the environmental context for this introductory fact sheet – including the EU’s Green Deal and Climate Neutral by 2050 target. Bitumen’s role in circularity and durability is outlined under the How heading, with details such as the potential for incorporating secondary materials from other industries into bitumen or asphalt, and extending the service life of the end-product in which bitumen is used to reduce the environmental impact of bitumen.

The fact sheet also summarises how bitumen’s existing product properties provide options for innovation within many current application solutions . Additionally, it highlights bitumen’s adaptability to extreme climate conditions and ability to adapt to temperature reduction technologies – which can contribute to reducing CO2.

To download a copy of the ‘Bitumen and Sustainability – at a glance’ fact sheet, in English, from the Eurobitume website, click here.