Eurobitume advocates the sustainability of bitumen at Asphaltica 2021

Europe |

Eurobitume representatives promoted the sustainability of bitumen at the recent asphalt industry exhibition, ‘Asphaltica 2021: Smart roads to the future’, in Verona, Italy, where people associated with the roads sector in Italy came to keep up to date with the latest developments and thinking in asphalt paving and road infrastructure.



In the opening session, Eurobitume Director General Siobhan McKelvey gave a short introductory presentation about Eurobitume via a pre-recorded video.

This was followed by Maria Rita Valentinetti (Eni) and Giampaolo Fenati (Alma Petroli), representing Eurobitume, who delivered a more detailed presentation entitled ‘Bitumen – a highly sustainable product’. They explained why sustainability is important, the relevance for bitumen and how Eurobitume and the bitumen industry are responding.

In their conclusion, Maria Rita and Giampaolo reminded delegates about bitumen’s inherent durability and reusability properties, how these are important plus points in the circularity debate and why this all means that bitumen will continue to play an important role in sustainable construction and future mobility solutions.

For a quick, easy-to-read summary about bitumen and sustainability, please see Eurobitume’s ‘Bitumen and Sustainability’ fact sheet on the Eurobitume website.