Eurobitume helping shape the bitumen industry’s standardisation framework in Europe

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The latest Eurobitume website feature article, ‘Helping shape the standardisation framework of the bitumen industry in Europe’, has just been published and outlines the breadth and depth of work the Eurobitume team does on behalf of members to help shape the development and revision of European standards. This not only benefits manufacturers, specifiers and end-users, but also helps facilitate the use of different types and grades of bitumen and bituminous binders across Europe.

The article describes how the Eurobitume team provides expert input into and leadership of various CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) and National Standardardisation Body (NSB) mirror committees, and highlights four key ways Eurobitume represents members interests:

1. By identifying when a new standard is required or when an existing standard needs to be updated.

2. By supporting accurate, reliable and consistent testing against product standards.

3. By developing informed Eurobitume positions on the revision of European bituminous binder product standards.

4. Providing input, through NSB mirror committees, on the implementation of standards.

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