Eurobitume holds successful New Year Reception in Paris

Europe |

More than 90 bitumen industry stakeholders attended Eurobitume’s recent New Year reception, which took place at the headquarters of the Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics (FNTP) in Paris.

Eurobitume Vice President Pavel Kriz opened the event: welcoming attendees and providing a brief introduction to Eurobitume.

Overviews of Eurobitume’s HSE and Technical activities were provided by the association’s HSE and Technical Leads, Dr Anja Sörensen (HSE) and Dr Ian Lancaster (Technical), before Eurobitume Sustainability Focal Person Siobhan McKelvey summarised the association’s work on behalf of members regarding Sustainability.

Invited guest speaker Brice Delaporte, Technical Director of Routes de France (RdF), then spoke about RdF’s Decarbonisation Road Map. He explained how, by adopting a more sustainable, low-carbon technologies approach, companies involved in road construction and maintenance can contribute to France achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

The presentation part of the evening concluded with a few closing words from Eurobitume Director General Siobhan McKelvey and Eurobitume Manager and Focal Person for France, Jean-Michel Michou. They highlighted some key aspects of the forthcoming E&E Congress, which takes place in Budapest on 19-21st June 2024.

The presentations were then followed by the traditional Eurobitume drinks reception, where all the attendees joined together with Eurobitume for a celebration of the New Year and the bitumen industry.