Eurobitume participates in AEPW Recycled Plastics in Roads Forum

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The use of recycled plastic in roads is an important issue for the bitumen industry in Europe.

 Frank Beer (Shell), Chair of Eurobitume Task Force (TF) Secondary Materials (used in bitumen), and Olivier Moglia (Total), a member of the Eurobitume’s Bitumen Sustainability Steering Group and TF Secondary Materials, are representing Eurobitume in the Recycled Plastic in Roads Forum set up by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW).

The Recycled Plastic in Roads Forum had its inaugural meeting in December 2020 and was created to discuss and evaluate the structure and data produced from the research work being undertaken by AEPW.

Eurobitume and other stakeholders with a common interest in this area, including the Asphalt Institute, the National Centre for Asphalt Technology and the Central Road Research Institute, were invited to participate in the Forum so they could share their valuable experiences and provide expert industry input that would help the AEPW project team formulate and assess their research.

“We are excited to take part in this important industry exchange and take advantage of the opportunities it provides: to learn from the research being undertaken in Asia and help steer the work based on our own experiences and practices in Europe. We received some good insights into the testing programme and were impressed by the amount of pre-work already carried out”, commented Frank Beer and Olivier Moglia following the meeting. 

Frank Beer

Olivier Moglia

The laboratory testing first phase is expected to be completed in mid-2022. At this point, the results will be reviewed and if they are good, a decision will be taken to proceed to Phase 2, the road trials testing. This will last a year and so would be expected to run through to mid-2023.