Eurobitume shares its experience on LCI/LCA in Norway

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‘Sustainability assessment in the bitumen & asphalt industry’ was the title of the expert presentation delivered by Eurobitume’s Senior Technical Advisor, Mike Southern, at the Norwegian Asphalt Association’s recent ‘Asphalt of the future’ binders seminar, which took place on 19 October 2021 in Oslo, and online.

Mike began by explaining why sustainability is important and two key drivers for environmental impact assessment:

  1. Construction Products Regulation – which requires Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) containing accurate sustainability assessments
  2. Green Public Procurement Criteria - provided to EU Member States by the European Commission

He then outlined how Eurobitume is contributing, particularly through the development of a unique ‘cradle to gate’ Life-Cycle Inventory (LCI) database. Eurobitume’s LCI draws upon publicly-available data for foreground flows and enables the environmental impact of manufacturing products that incorporate bitumen to be calculated using LCI software.

In his summary, Mike reiterated the complexity of environmental impact assessment, explained that many different environmental impact models are available, emphasised the credibility of the Eurobitume LCI methodology and stated it is being updated to provide impact for EPDs according to EN 15804 + A1 & + A2.