Eurobitume’s Mission adapted to reflect the current and future ambitions

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Eurobitume’s activities are steered strongly by our Vision and Mission, which are defined by the membership.

Following Task Force Vision & Strategy Review’s recent evaluation of Eurobitume’s core values and objectives, a proposed revised Mission has been presented to and accepted by the Board of Directors.

Eurobitume’s Mission now includes specific reference to education and sustainability, after these areas were identified as important themes that would add value for Eurobitume members and for the industry as a whole.



Updated Mission:

  • to educate and promote the efficient, economic, effective, safe and sustainable use of refined bitumen in road, industrial and building applications
  • to provide information and guidance on technical, health, safety and environmental matters, based upon proven data
  • to create a positive image and environment for a sustained bitumen demand, based on communicating the product benefits to key audiences

All enabled by Eurobitume’s network of experts

Reflecting changes to the business environment, regulatory requirements and customer needs throughout Europe, Eurobitume’s updated Mission marks the latest step in the association’s continued evolution to support the interests of our members.

The Vision remains the same:

  • to be the first reference for bitumen in Europe