GBS joins Eurobitume and strengthens the voice of the bitumen industry in Europe

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German bitumen and bituminous binders supplier GBS mbh has strengthened the voice of the bitumen industry in Europe by joining Eurobitume, the first reference for bitumen in Europe.

Olaf Grodotzki, managing director of GBS, explained why his company wanted to become a member of Eurobitume: “Our business is built upon supplying bitumen and bituminous binders for use in infrastructure construction and maintenance, so it made perfect sense to join an organisation with an excellent network in the sector whose mission includes promoting the safe and sustainable use of bitumen in Europe.

“As a member of Eurobitume, GBS now has a fantastic platform to make a stronger contribution to ongoing industry debates regarding the future development of standards and regulations, particularly on environmental and sustainability issues.”

Eurobitume Director General Siobhan McKelvey commented: “I am delighted to welcome GBS into the Eurobitume family as a core member. I look forward to not only helping GBS benefit from being part of Eurobitume, but also to seeing their expertise, insights and experiences add value to Eurobitume and our other members”.