Guidance on safety footwear for bitumen delivery drivers

Europe |

To help all parties involved in loading, delivering and storing hot bitumen and bituminous products safely, in accordance with European laws and regulations, Eurobitume has produced the ‘Guidance on safety footwear for bitumen delivery drivers’ guidance document.

Created by Eurobitume’s Safe Handling of Bitumen sub-committee in response to requests from a number of Eurobitume members, the safety footwear guidance document contains valuable advice to help bitumen delivery drivers prevent hot bitumen coming into contact with their skin.

Based upon an initial idea from Eurobitume UK experts, the guidance document also includes expert recommendations on PPE.

After outlining the risks associated with hot bitumen, the guide then explains the safety footwear requirements and gives a comparison between the different types of equipment available. It also contains a clear and easy-to-use table summarising its recommendations and ends with useful references from across Europe.

Initially produced in English, ‘Guidance on safety footwear for bitumen delivery drivers’ will be available in other languages soon. This guidance document is part of a comprehensive portfolio of safe handling documents created by Eurobitume which are all available to download from the Eurobitume website here.