Guidance to help manage the potential risks of H2S through the supply chain

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To help everyone involved in the bitumen supply chain safely manage the risks associated with handling bitumen in the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) – which is naturally present in crude oils and can be formed during refining and when hot bitumen is in storage and transportation tanks – Eurobitume’s TF H2S has developed a comprehensive guidance document entitled ‘Potential risks of Hydrogen Sulphide through the manufacture and delivery process’.

Aimed at people working throughout the bitumen supply chain - from staff and management at refineries, bitumen depots, bituminous binder plants, asphalt plants, within the bitumen roofing industry and hauliers - the document covers the evaluation of risks and includes the following helpful sections:



  • The identification of potential areas where contact with H2S might occur
  • Warnings
  • Loading facilities and ventilation
  • Temperature management
  • The protection of personnel
  • Activity management
  • Exposure reduction
  • Training.

Click here to obtain a copy of the ‘Potential risks of Hydrogen Sulphide through the manufacture and delivery process’ guidance document, which is part of an extensive suite of bitumen safety-related documents produced by Eurobitume in accordance with our mission: ‘to promote the efficient, safe use of bitumen in road, industrial and building projects‘.