IDRRIM Congress 2021: preferential early registration rates

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Delegates who register before 31 August to attend IDRRIM’s 2021 Congress, which takes place in Rennes, France, on 4-5 October 2021, will benefit from preferential rates.

Organised by IDRRIM, the French Institute of Roads, Streets and Infrastructure for Mobility, and aimed at people from the public and private sectors in France, IDDRIM’s 2021 Congress, ‘Citizens, Professionals, Decision-makers: in the face of change, what collective commitment for mobility infrastructures?’, will address:

  • the adaptation of mobility infrastructures to take account of environmental issues in the fight against climate change, and
  • how public and private sector players need to adapt to meet the new needs of a changing society shaped by the continued development of digital technology.

The congress will build upon the mobility infrastructure stakeholders' commitment pact, signed in January 2021. This demonstrated public and private stakeholders’ collective commitment to a common vision of the future of mobility infrastructure, which involves citizens in the development and implementation of public policies for regional planning.

The five objectives of the congress are:

  1. To share with elected officials and political decision-makers a strategic vision of the future of mobility infrastructures.
  2. To promote innovative solutions and prepare responses to societal transitions involving mobility infrastructures.
  3. To capitalise on the lessons learned from the health crisis on the capacity to adapt infrastructures and the mobility needs of citizens.
  4. To involve society in discussions on the challenges of mobility infrastructures, responding to the expectations of citizens and users in terms of mobility and taking environmental issues into account.
  5. To encourage exchanges between managers, technicians, researchers and users.

IDRRIM is an important industry partner of Eurobitume and we will be supporting the congress through local representation from Eurobitume France and a booth within a large exhibition area, where attendees will be able to meet and exchange ideas.

To register for the congress, please click here.