Informative online seminar on the Safe Handling of Bitumen

Europe |

More than 65 people attended, remotely, this year’s Eurobitume Autumn Seminar, which was the first online seminar organised by Eurobitume and themed safe handling of bitumen.

This very well received seminar took place on the second day of our online Autumn meeting and began with a general overview of the importance of safety in the bitumen industry. Clearly aligned with Eurobitume’s mission to promote the safe use of bitumen, the seminar included a summary of how Eurobitume works with safe handling in its expert sub-committee, the range of educational and information documents it has produced, where these documents can be accessed on the Eurobitume website and how they can be used to help improve safety throughout the bitumen supply chain.

Facilitated by Eurobitume UK’s David Giles, the second part of the seminar imaginatively brought to life a typical bitumen delivery scenario where the tanker driver felt the rate of discharge had slowed down over recent visits, and importantly what happened after he shared this with his Refinery Manager.

Based on a ‘real life’ situation, this compelling case study powerfully demonstrated how Eurobitume’s safety-related Toolbox Talks - which are designed to be short, shared and show Best Practice - can be used to help improve safe working practices.