Last chance to register for Eurobitume Switzerland Bitumen Day on 14th September 2023

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Act now to ensure you do not miss out on a place at the upcoming, Innovation-themed 6th Eurobitume Switzerland Bitumen Day, which takes place on 14th September 2023 at the Wankdorf Stadium in Bern.

The French and German-language event, which is free to attend, will focus on innovations in the bitumen and asphalt sector and will also contain a high-level perspective on future sustainability.





The programme includes a variety of topical presentations, including:

  • Innovations in bitumen extraction, transport and processing.
  • Innovations in health and safety.
  • Innovations in production, relating to energy and pollutants.
  • Innovations in the development of low-noise asphalt pavements.
  • Innovations in the recycling of reclaimed asphalt and new approaches to the separation of bitumen and aggregate.
  • Innovations regarding test methods for quality testing.
  • A sustainable future and sustainable road construction in 2050.

To register, click here and complete the registration form.