Max von Devivere takes over at Eurobitume Benelux

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Experienced senior bitumen and asphalt industry professional and former EAPA Secretary General Max von Devivere is the new man heading up Eurobitume Benelux, the national presence of Eurobitume in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Max took over from Theo Terlouw, who stepped down after seven productive years in the role, on 1 August.

Max will use his expertise, knowledge and contacts to continue Eurobitume’s excellent work in the region: promoting the efficient, safe use of bitumen in road, industrial and building projects; helping create a positive environment for sustained bitumen demand; and providing valuable information, guidance and expert input on technical, health and safety, testing and standards issues.

“A key initiative I am particularly looking forward to contributing to in the Netherlands is the Asphalt Impulse, ‘Better bitumen, better asphalt’,” stated Eurobitume Benelux Manager Max von Devivere. “Industry stakeholders have identified 35 projects – covering areas such as lifetime predictions, quality improvement, quality assurance, cost-effectiveness, recycling and durability - which, if they secure the necessary funding, will double the average lifetime expectancy of asphalt roads and halve CO2 emissions in the asphalt production and pavement laying chain.”

A civil engineer by training and in his early career, Max’s bitumen and asphalt industry-related experience includes eight years as Secretary General of EAPA (the European Asphalt Pavement Association). He worked for 18 years in the road construction and construction materials industry, including 12 years in France and Germany with well-known contractor Eurovia. He also worked with Dutch construction group Royal BAM, for whom he was active in several European countries.