Maximum Safe Handling Temperatures webinar for members

Europe |

Approximately 30 people from Eurobitume member companies with a specific interest in the safe handling of bitumen attended the latest internal educational webinar, Maximum Safe Handling Temperatures, which was led by Eurobitume HSE Lead Dr Anja Sörensen and focussed upon the maximum safe handling temperatures for bitumen.

After a short overview of Eurobitume, its membership, mission and values, and the forthcoming E&E Congress, Anja advised participants that for many years bitumen manufacturers had stated maximum safe handling temperatures for bitumen.

She then stated that while the maximum safe handling temperature varies according to type of bitumen, since at least 1997 Eurobitume and its members have been recommending that the maximum recommended safe handling temperature for:

  • bitumen and air-rectified bitumen is 200ºC, and for
  • severely oxidised bitumen it is 230ºC.

Temperature is the key determinant for the amount and composition of emissions from hot bitumen. Working above the temperatures given above is registered as “condition of use advised against” under REACH.

The webinar then covered the Hierarchy of Controls and Measures, which either completely remove the hazard or mitigate against its impact, and Anja then gave various examples of measures that are taken to manage workers exposure and provide protection.

Anja finished by stating that Eurobitume has produced a comprehensive set of safety documentation and guidance for its members, which is accessible from the Eurobitume website from the PUBLICATIONS / DOCUMENTS page.

As with previous e-learning webinars, the webinar was recorded and all the materials will be made available to members via the Eurobitume members’ intranet site.