New bituminous binders Data Collection project underway

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As the organisation representing the European bitumen industry, whose members are experts in bitumen, bituminous binders and how to address product performance in the laboratory, Eurobitume has begun a new Data Collection project on the testing of bituminous binders.

The project’s aim is to gather experiences and positions on the approaches currently being discussed regarding the revision of product standards and specifications. The findings will help develop informed Eurobitume positions on the development and revision of European bituminous binder standards.




Bitumen property testing using a Dynamic Shear Rheometer

This new Data Collection project follows on from the extensive Data Collection project in 2009, the subsequent CEN Data Collection and takes into account recent global research, practical application developments and changes to European product and test standards. It mainly addresses rheological characteristics for bituminous binders used for hot mix applications at various ageing stages, including:

  • testing of complex shear modulus G* and phase angle in Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)
  • determination of additional parameters, like equi-modulus temperatures
  • Multiple Stress Creep and Recovery tests (MSCRT)
  • different approaches in the calculation of test results from Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR).

In 2020, Eurobitume members provided 172 data sets: 99 for paving grade bitumen, 13 hard paving grade bitumen and 60 polymer modified bitumen (PMB). These data sets consist of test results based on the latest proposals for future European specifications, including different ageing stages of the samples after standard laboratory procedures.

The outcome of the project will be subject to further analysis and communication in 2021.