New Senior Officers and Chair for HSE Committee

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We are pleased to announce that Eurobitume members elected a new President, Vice-President and Treasurer at our online Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April, when a new Chair for our HSE Committee was also announced.

The new appointees are:

  • President – Frank-Michael Biel (Total)
  • Vice-President – Francisco Lucas (Repsol)
  • Treasurer – Paul Fitzroy (Puma Bitumen)
  • HSE Committee Chair - Mathieu Vaissiere (Total)

Frank-Michael Biel, Total’s Director for Bitumen Marketing and Business Development, served as Vice-President before he replaced Frédérique Cointe (ExxonMobil) as Eurobitume President. He is a member of the Eurobitume Board of Directors.

Francisco Lucas, Repsol’s Asphalt Technical and Development Manager, Roads and Network, took over from Frank-Michael Biel as Eurobitume Vice-President. Since 2017, he has been a member of the Eurobitume Board of Directors and a member of the PRC Committee.

Eurobitume Director General Siobhan McKelvey has taken on the role of interim Chair of the Public Relations and Communications Committee after the previous Chair, Johanna Andréasson (Nynas), completed her two-year tenure in this leadership position.

Mathieu Vaissiere is a Toxicologist with Total, where has worked since 2003, and took over as HSE Committee Chair from Simon Pritchard (Puma Bitumen) - who had served his two-year term. Mathieu has extensive experience with Eurobitume, having been a member of the HSE Committee and related task forces in previous years.

Paul Fitzroy is Puma’s Commercial Manager for Bitumen in Europe and took over from Dave Foster (Shell Bitumen) as Eurobitume Treasurer. He sits on Eurobitume’s Board of Directors and has been a member of Eurobitume’s PRC Committee. 

Frank-Michael Biel - President

Francisco Lucas - Vice-President

Paul Fitzroy - Treasurer

Mathieu Vaissiere - HSE Committee Chair

We would like to congratulate all of the above and especially to thank the members in out-going rotation roles for their important contributions and leadership in supporting the goals of Eurobitume.