New Technical Lead and HSE Lead for Eurobitume

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Following the recent retirement of Mike Southern from the Eurobitume team, we have re-organised the on-going central committee tasks and areas of responsibilities to introduce a new Technical Lead and a new HSE Lead.

Eurobitume HSE Lead Anja Sörensen and Eurobitume Technical Lead Ian Lancaster






Please see below a reminder of who to contact in the Eurobitume team regarding the following central committees and first point of contact for some key European and International external interfaces:

Eurobitume committee, sub-committee and steering group team focus persons

·       BSSG: Siobhan McKelvey

·       HSE Committee: Anja Sörensen

·       PRC: Siobhan McKelvey

·       Safe Handling Sub-Committee: Jean-Michel Michou

·       Technical Committee: Ian Lancaster


Local representation dedicated managers (No change):

·       Benelux: Max von Devivere

·       France : Jean-Michel Michou

·       Germany: Anja Sörensen

·       Switzerland: Hans-Peter Beyeler

·       UK: Ian Lancaster


External interfaces:

·       Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) Forum: Anja Sörensen

·       Coalition for Asphalt Research on Emissions (CARE) Group: Ian Lancaster

·       European Committee for Standardisation (CEN): Anja Sörensen

·       E&E Congress 2024 Organising Committee: Siobhan McKelvey

·       E&E Congress 2024 Technical Programme Committee: Anja Sörensen focus person

(Ian Lancaster will also participate).