New website article published – Incident reporting to help further raise safety levels

Europe |

The latest Eurobitume website feature article, ‘Incident reporting to help further raise safety levels within the bitumen supply chain’, outlines an incident reporting scheme designed to help further improve the safe handling of bitumen throughout the supply chain.

The article explains how Eurobitume members across Europe are recording and anonymously sharing details of safety incidents, including ‘near misses’, which identifies the most critical areas where incidents occur, helps raise awareness of good practice and will help increase safety levels and drive down the number of reported safety incidents.

As well as revealing where the majority of reported incidents occurred, the reporting served to emphasise the importance for people working with bitumen to wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

The article ends by highlighting the extensive suite of safe handling guidance documents - covering areas such as boil-over prevention, deliveries into new / returned-to-service storage tanks, loading compatibility, ground-based vehicle operation and safety showers - which Eurobitume has produced to reduce the risk, number and impact of bitumen-related supply chain incidents.

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