New website feature article – Data Collection Project review

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A review of the recently completed Data Collection Project and a summary of the findings are the subject of the latest Eurobitume website feature article, ‘Bitumen data collection project: review and findings‘.

To help member companies determine what the likely testing requirements will be for future binder specifications, so they can efficiently incorporate the implications into their forward plans, Eurobitume’s Technical Committee organised and facilitated a large-scale data collection and analysis project in conjunction with member companies.

Each Eurobitume member company that participated tested a cross-section of their binders using appropriate test methods, particularly those which are being discussed for potential inclusion in future specifications. Eurobitume collated the data into an anonymised database comprising 172 data sets covering paving grade bitumen (99), hard paving grade bitumen (13) and polymer modified bitumen, PMB, (60).

This project also provided a valuable opportunity for the Technical Committee to review the validity of previously agreed Eurobitume positions on certain specifications and test methods, and thus to update the framework of tests methods for future development.

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