Record attendance at Safe handling in the supply chain webinar

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More than 120 people from throughout the bitumen supply chain – from logistics and transportation to those working in refineries, terminals and storage depots - attended Eurobitume’s second, ‘open to all’ e-learning webinar, Safe handling of bitumen in the supply chain, where the important overarching message was that when handled and stored correctly, bitumen is a safe product to work with.

The webinar focused on the loading and unloading of bitumen and was taken by Eurobitume Technical Lead Dr Ian Lancaster, who began by explaining the important difference between Hazard (A source of potential harm) and Risk (The probability that a person will be harmed if exposed to a hazard).

He highlighted the five main hazards when working with hot bitumen (listed below), discussed mitigating measures to reduce the risks of each causing harm and gave a broad overview of the safe handling procedures, protocols and guidance available from Eurobitume.

Five main hazards
  1. Contact with water
  2. Elevated temperatures
  3. Emissions
  4. Hydrogen Sulphide
  5. High pressure

A video of the presentation will be available soon from a link that will be published on this website.

Earlier this year, Ian Lancaster, with the help of Safe Handling Sub-Committee member Ola Mossblad (from Eurobitume member company Nynas), presented a well-received webinar on 'Safe handling of Bitumen' for EBA, the Norwegian Contractors' Association for building and construction.

The next open to all educational webinar will be on Bitumen Testing and take place on 15th November. Registration details will be sent out by email in due course.