Safety recommendation in case of inoperable safety showers

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Following data indicating an increasing trend of safety showers not working, which is likely to increase further in Winter during prolonged periods of low/sub-zero temperatures, Eurobitume strongly recommends no activities involving the handling of hot bitumen, e.g. loading or discharge, should take place unless an operable safety shower is available.

Bitumen and bituminous binders are generally stored, loaded and delivered at elevated temperatures. Because contact between hot bitumen and exposed skin or eyes has the potential to cause serious burns, Eurobitume has developed procedural and engineering guidance documents on safe deliveries.

However, it is likely that occasionally there will be unforeseen events leading to uncontrolled loss of product and that is where layers of protection to mitigate the impacts are so important. These include things such as flange shrouds, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety showers.

Eurobitume’s guidance on safety showers clearly states: “It is critical to ensure that the emergency shower operates reliably in all weather conditions, in particular during freezing conditions.”

The lack of an operational safety shower places both drivers and other personnel involved in the handling and delivery of hot bitumen at increased risk of burns, which is not acceptable to Eurobitume members. The provision of hosepipes, buckets etc., as an alternative to operable safety showers is also not acceptable.

To help everyone involved in handling bitumen and bituminous materials keep themselves safe. by following the relevant best practice guidelines, Eurobitume has created an extensive range of bitumen safe handling guidance documents which are available via the PUBLICATIONS / EUROBITUME DOCUMENTS page of the Eurobitume website.