Safety shower guidance

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Eurobitume is committed to promoting best practices for the safe use of bitumen and this extends to the availability of suitably specified, appropriately located safety showers at all bitumen loading and delivery sites.

Health and Safety laws require all involved parties to provide safe systems of work and safety showers are a vital element within the safe management of risk when handling bitumen - which is predominantly stored, transported and handled at elevated temperatures.

To optimise the initial treatment of a Bitumen burn, which is crucial to the injured person’s recovery, experts from Eurobitume member companies have developed a Safety shower guidance document. In the absence of a binding standard or regulation regarding safety showers, this document also encourages and advises bitumen delivery site (binder and mixing plants) managers to equip 100% of their plants with effective safety showers.

This document covers safety shower design, location, maintenance and training, and is available in five languages from the Eurobitume website here.