SAVE THE DATE - 26th September 2023 One Organisation webinar for members

Europe |

Eurobitume member company employees should make a note in their diaries that on Tuesday, 26th September, Eurobitume President Dave Foster will present a webinar outlining Eurobitume’s One Organisation project, which will reshape the organisation to help its members face current and future industry and societal challenges.

A webinar invitation has been sent to member contacts, and in turn they have been asked to forward the invite internally to any work colleagues who they think may also have an interest in attending.

This is the 9th educational webinar organised for members by Eurobitume. Previous webinars have provided a valuable insight into key bitumen industry topics including: ‘What is bitumen?’, ‘Bitumen and sustainability’, ‘Safe Handling of Bitumen’ and ‘Basics of bitumen testing’.

Slides, speaker notes and a recording of each seminar have been packaged into easy to use learning packages and are available exclusively to members through the Eurobitume members’ Intranet site, in the EB Training / EB Webinars & Seminars section.