Spanish version of Safe Delivery video

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A Spanish-language version of Eurobitume’s Safe Delivery (of Bitumen) video has been added to the existing English and French versions, and is now available to view via the Eurobitume website here.

The video demonstrates the safe delivery of bitumen and highlights key elements of delivery vehicles which enable safe, ground-based operation during bitumen delivery. It also makes it clear that venting the tank from the ground removes the risks of falling from height and of exposure to bitumen fumes, because it avoids the driver climbing on top of the top of the vehicle.

Eurobitume’s Safe Delivery video and Safe Delivery guides, which have been published in multiple languages, are part of a comprehensive range of bitumen safety and safe handling documentation produced by Eurobitume as part of our mission to promote the safe use of bitumen.

All of these documents are available to download from the Eurobitume website here.