Successful 6th Eurobitume Switzerland Bitumen Day

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Eurobitume Switzerland brought together approximately 100 people involved in the bitumen and asphalt industries across Switzerland, as well as a few from neighbouring countries, to take part in its innovation-focused 6th Bitumen Day.






Eurobitume Switzerland Director Hans-Peter Beyeler (pictured below) opened the conference, which featured thought-provoking, leading-edge presentations by experts on a variety of topical subjects involving bitumen and its use in asphalt. Each presentation was supported by on-site translations into French and German.

Professor Dr. Nicolas Bueche from KFG (Kies für Generationen – the Gravel for Generations association) presented the findings of two new projects: one about new procedures to describe asphalt in a performance-oriented way; and the other about calculating the ecological footprint of asphalt pavements.

Fabian Traber from the Federal Roads Office FEDRO talked about the development of low-noise mastic asphalt, which is being installed on bridges and open stretches of motorway.

Eurobitume Technical Lead Dr Ian Lancaster (pictured below) then explained the life cycle of bitumen, from oil extraction through to its incorporation into asphalt.

Peter Mauer from Ammann AG and Bernhard Kunz from asphaltsuisse then gave presentations about innovations in the processing plant. Prof. Dr. Wim van de Bergh (pictured below) from Eurobitume Academia member, the University of Antwerp, delivered the final presentation of the day, in which he explained how asphalt will be used in road construction in the future.