Successful final members-only educational webinar of 2022 - ‘Basics of bitumen testing’

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Approximately 55 non-technical and new-to-the-industry people from member companies attended Eurobitume’s sixth members-only educational e-learning webinar of 2022, ‘Basics of bitumen testing’, presented by Eurobitume team member and Technical Lead Dr Ian Lancaster.






The seminar covered three main areas - conventional bitumen testing, conditioning and rheology testing – and explained the test methods and specifications associated with each:

Conventional bitumen testing

  • Needle Penetration - EN 1426
  • Softening Point Ring and Ball - EN 1427
  • Fraass Breaking Point - EN 12593
  • Viscosity testing: Kinematic - EN 12595 and Dynamic - EN 12596


  • Short-term ageing - Rolling Thin Film Oven Test (RTOFT) EN 12607-1 and Thin Film Oven Test (TFOT) EN 12607-2
  • Long-term ageing - Pressure Ageing Vessel (PAV) – EN 14769

Rheology testing

  • Complex shear modulus and phase angle using Dynamic Shear Rheometer – EN 14770
  • Multiple Stress Creep and Recovery Test (MSCRT) – EN 16659
  • Bending Beam Rheometer – EN 14771

As with the five other educational, e-learning webinars conducted earlier this year, the webinar included a Q&A session where participants sought to further increase their understanding about bitumen testing.

Similarly, slides, speaker notes and a recording will be packaged into a discrete learning package and made available exclusively to members through the Eurobitume members’ Intranet site.

Participants also heard that Eurobitume has produced easy to follow Technical Information Sheets (TIS) which explain how best to conduct each of the major test methods, which are freely available from the Eurobitume website in multiple languages.

Finally, there was an overview of the plans for training webinars in 2023 = with details to be confirmed soon.