The voice of bitumen in Switzerland

Switzerland |

Hans-Peter Beyeler, the Director of Eurobitume Switzerland, provided the voice of bitumen in an expert panel session at Forum Strasse, the largest road construction conference in Switzerland, held on 17th March.

Hans-Peter set out the advantages of using bituminous asphalt pavements over other construction materials in roundabouts at the ‘Movement in Roundabouts’ panel session, a recording of which can be accessed here. This session attracted approximately 300 particpants, including engineers, builders, laboratory managers and contractors, and explored the planning and execution of roundabouts.






10 potential benefits of using bituminous asphalt explained by Hans-Peter were:

  1. Short construction time minimises disruption to traffic
  2. Utility service lines can be located under roundabouts
  3. The geometry of the roundabout can be adapted to the entrances and exits
  4. Surface grip is sustainably better with asphalt
  5. It is more effective to white line asphalt roads
  6. Repairs to the asphalt roadway can be made easily
  7. Renewal and replacement can be done in layers for asphalt
  8. Positive long-term experience of bituminous asphalt for roundabouts in Switzerland
  9. Recyclability of asphalt reduces usage of limited natural resources
  10. Environmental credentials offered by bitumen