The wait is almost over - E&E Congress 2021, 15-17 June

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With the 7th Eurasphalt & Eurobitume (E&E) Congress only weeks away, anticipation levels are already exceeding expectations – demonstrated by the strong take-up of online registrations completed and the popularity of the exhibitor and sponsorship packages.

For anyone who has not yet registered to attend this exciting, content-rich, online event, visit the E&E Congress Registration page here to register.

As a participant, you will have easy access to:

  1. Engaging technical sessions - covering ground-breaking topics
  2. Outstanding speakers - across the whole programme
  3. Cutting-edge research – displayed at the e-poster area
  4. Excellent networking opportunities – through the Congress chatrooms. World Map and Social Media
  5. Interactive exhibition area – where you can have live contact with the industry
  6. All sessions, e-posters and booth contents – for three months after the Congress has finished

There will also be an opportunity to visit Eurobitume’s virtual stand, which is organised with the Asphalt Institute - highlighting the value of industry partnerships. The stand illustrates a common focus on the role of bitumen in sustainable development and will also include an interesting presentation about all the beneficial work that Eurobitume does on behalf of its members.

Opportunity to meet the Eurobitume e-posters authors
In addition to the standard chat and e-mail contact options, participants will have an exclusive opportunity to meet, over TEAMS, the authors of the four Eurobitume e-posters (listed below) and discuss ideas and observations.

To reserve a slot now, registered participants can follow the TEAMS link on the appropriate e-poster within the e-poster exhibition (listed below)

  • Eurobitume e-poster on 2020 Data Collection project – Wednesday, 16 June 14.30-15.00 h CEST
  • Eurobitume e-poster on work of TF Secondary Materials – Wednesday, 16 June 15.30-16.00 h CEST
  • Eurobitume e-poster on work of TF Test Methods – Wednesday, 16 June 16.00-16.30 h CEST
  • Eurobitume e-poster on work of TF Specifications – Thursday, 17 June 11.30-12.00 h CEST

Further details about E&E Congress 2021 - which is being hosted on a user-friendly platform with live technical support - are available on the event website,