Three more Technical Information Sheets – 13 in total

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Eurobitume now has a full suite of 13 Technical Information Sheets (TIS) covering the main bituminous binder technical test and conditioning methods in use in Europe, following the addition of a further three, multi-language TIS. The three new TIS complete Eurobitume’s ageing and viscosity series of bitumen testing guidance documents and contain valuable practical advice and information which makes these tests easier to understand and conduct.

Thin Film Oven Test (TFOT) TIS

Our TFOT TIS contains valuable practical advice and information which makes this laboratory-based short-term ageing procedure test, mainly used for soft bitumen and standardised in EN 12607-2, easier to understand and conduct.

The ageing category now consists of TIS on the most commonly used, in terms of recognition in specifications, laboratory ageing procedures:

  • Two on short-term ageing, the RTFOT (Rolling Thin Film Oven Test) and TFOT (Thin Film Oven Test) TIS
  • One on long-term ageing, the PAV (Pressure Ageing Vessel) TIS.

Two more viscosity test TIS

The two new viscosity test TIS, Rotating Spindle Apparatus and Cone and Plate Method (commonly known by reference to the equipment used), both focus on dynamic viscosity and are standardised in EN 13302 and EN 13702.

This completes our viscosity category, which covers conventional, reference test methods and modern, up-to-date testing methods that more accurately assess especially complex, modified binders.

All 13 TIS are now available to download from the Eurobitume website in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian - with some also available in Portuguese.